1st Hole

Par 4 | Men's HCP 17 | Ladies's HCP 17

A short par 4 hole that should be an easy par with a straight shot down the middle. However, if you stray from the fairway trouble awaits you with water all down the left side from tee to green. The right side is open and the safe play if you get past the spruce trees on the right. Be warned if you hit to the right a sand trap may obstruct you when playing into the green. The green has a ridge running through the center and slopes back to front which give you some tough pin placements.

Blue 291 White 272 Red 212 Gold 166

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2nd Hole

Par 4 | Men's HCP 3 | Ladies's HCP 5

Another straight par 4 where trouble looms on the left with water, trees and a couple of sand traps. The center of the fairway is always best narrows at the landing area of the average golfer. The right side of the fairway has trees from about the 150 yard mark to the green. The green has a narrow approach to it and is protected by bunkers on the left and front right. The green slopes from back to front so if the flag is in the front, being at the back of the green leaves you a testy 40 foot putt downhill on a generally fast putting surface.

Blue 374 White 362 Red 334 Gold 270

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3rd Hole

Par 4 | Men's HCP 11 | Ladies's HCP 9

Third of the opening six par 4 holes, the toughest feature is it’s green. Once you get past the water, bunkers, and trees on the left you are faced with a mid to short iron into the green. The right side is fairly open but proves to be a difficult shot through the spattering of trees. The green is large, sloped and has a swale running through it and is protected by two massive bunkers in the front and right side. Fear not, there is a tiny approach between the bunkers. With the large swale, a two putt is exceptional in most cases.

Blue 343 White 334 Red 323 Gold 274

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4th Hole

Par 4/5 | Men's HCP 1 | Ladies's HCP 13

This hole is long and straight especially into the prevailing north winds. A precise tee shot is required as there are two bunkers that narrow the fairway at the landing area. A long to mid iron will be needed in most cases to hit the green on the second shot. The green is protected by three bunkers, one on the right that runs the entire length of the green and the other 2 on the left side. The approach, is a fair size and you can easily “putt up” from there.

Blue 428 White 411 Red 386 Gold 357

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5th Hole

Par 4 | Men's HCP 7 | Ladies's HCP 1

Still into the north prevailing winds this hole’s signature feature is the long and narrow green that is protected by the massive bunker in the front and an another on the left with a very small approach area between the 2 sand traps leading into the green. To get there you must navigate between trees on the left and right sides while also trying to avoid the pond on the right hand side. Your approach shot is the key into the green. You can expect a difficult putt up to 80 feet if you are the wrong side of the green from the flag stick as this green has many undulations.

Blue 392 White 368 Red 342 Gold 289

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6th Hole

Par 4 | Men's HCP 9 | Ladies's HCP 7

The last of the opening six par 4’s. This hole is a dogleg left where the middle is always the safe place. The pond on the right shouldn’t come into play but the trees further down the fairway will if you venture to far right. The left has trees lining that side with mounded fescues and rough. The long hitters trying to reach the upper tier of the fairway have to clear two bunkers. Your approach shot can be from a 3 wood to a short iron depending on where the flag is set. The green is massive. It runs from back to front and is roughly 120 feet in length. To add to the difficulty or your approach, three bunkers protect the front and right hand side of the green. A two putt from front to back is outstanding!

Blue 400 White 385 Red 341 Gold 236

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7th Hole

Par 5 | Men's HCP 13 | Ladies's HCP 11

The 1st of 3 par fives this hole is a dog leg left with all the trouble on the left side with trees and a reachable water hazard from your tee shot. In most cases the bunker on the right side of the fairway shouldn’t come into play except if the tee blacks is moved up. Your second shot will take you over the trees either to the 100 yard target area where you can have a short iron into the green or directly to the green with a blind shot over the trees. The green is protected by 3 bunkers, one on the left front and two one the right hand side.

Blue 519 White 501 Red 438 Gold 377

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8th Hole

Par 3 | Men's HCP 15 | Ladies's HCP 15

A short par three with a green that is harder to hit than you would think. The green is protected by a sand trap on the front left and one at the back. Into the prevailing north winds club selection is amazingly important. The green slopes from left to right with a flat part tucked in the back left corner. Your ball will roll off the green if you happen to land on the right side of the green forcing you into an up and down for par.

Blue 164 White 150 Red 129 Gold 96

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9th Hole

Par 4 | Men's HCP 5 | Ladies's HCP 3

Another par 4 to close the outward nine. This hole tends to play longer than is stated on the score due to the north winds. A drive on the fairway will have you elude the trouble on the left which is trees and water. The bail zone is on the right but you must clear the trees there that extend out 175 yards from the tee box. On your approach shot you should also try avoid the false front sand trap about 15 yards in front of the green and right hand side bunker. If you are right of the cart path with your approach shot you will be in a small pond. The greens is large with many subtle breaks as it has a ridge running through it from front to back.

Blue 382 White 358 Red 346 Gold 289

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10th Hole

Par 4 | Men's HCP 10 | Ladies's HCP 10

Your tee shot sets up this par 4. The longer hitters can reach the green, however, most of the trouble is all around the green from 90 yards in. With a reachable water hazard, huge moguls, a bunker protecting the green and trees on the left most people lay up around the 100 yard marker. Your second shot into the green can be a blind shot if you end up behind the trees or moguls. The green is quite large with many contours that makes putts sometime tricky.

Blue 342 White 321 Red 296 Gold 218

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11th Hole

Par 3 | Men's HCP 12 | Ladies's HCP 12

This par 3 will test your nerves. The green is on the tiny side and slopes from back to front and is elevated slightly. With water all down the left side protecting the green, out of bounds on the right and a deep bunker protecting the right corner of the green your ball must carry to the green with your tee shot or hit the small approach between the water and trap. Depending where the pin is placed a 3 putt is a very good possibility.

Blue 174 White 163 Red 140 Gold 114

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12th Hole

Par 5 | Men's HCP 2 | Ladies's HCP 2

This hole is the 1st par 5 of the two on the back 9. Normally not reachable in 2 shots it can happen with a strong north prevailing wind for the longer hitters. Out of bounds lines all down the right side the entire hole. With water and trees just inside of the OB on the right so it is advisable to stay in the fairway. There are two bunkers in the rough to catch tee balls should play out to the left. Your second shot down the fairway has two bunkers waiting, one on the right and the other on the left. The green slopes from back to front and is protected by 5 bunkers. One in front which is abut 15 yards in front of the green, one on the right, two on the left and one at the back.

Blue 537 White 531 Red 472 Gold 425

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13th Hole

Par 4 | Men's HCP 6 | Ladies's HCP 6

Danger awaits slicers on this hole. With OB, trees, sand, and water on the right hand side. The fairway is also protected by massive bunker on the left side as well. Your shot into the tiny green should be with a mid to short iron where accuracy is the key. Water protects the green left side and back while two bunkers protect the front left and front right. Green in regulation usually means a good attempt at birdie.

Blue 357 White 340 Red 325 Gold 275

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14th Hole

Par 3 | Men's HCP 14 | Ladies's HCP 18

A pretty little hole with lots of trouble. You will need to carry the green on this short par 3 which is guarded by a massive bunker in front and one on the left. The green slopes from back to front and has many challenging pin placements. Longer down hill putts can easily result in a 3 putt if you are not careful.

Blue 161 White 152 Red 139 Gold 98

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15th Hole

Par 4 | Men's HCP 18 | Ladies's HCP 14

Longer hitters can drive this par 4 hole but the smart play is out to the 100-yard marker and play a shorter iron to the green. Trees, a couple of traps and OB protect the right-hand side with water and another bunker protects the left. The green is fairly large and can be a challenge to 2 putts if you find yourself on the opposite site on the flag stick.

Blue 324 White 306 Red 300 Gold 232

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16th Hole

Par 3 | Men's HCP 8 | Ladies's HCP 16

This 185 yard par three generally plays longer as you are hitting into the north prevailing winds. The green is well protected by water on the right and bunkers in front and to the left of the green. There is a tiny approach between the bunkers that most golfer elect to use. A par on this hole is a good score.

Blue 194 White 179 Red 164 Gold 130

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17th Hole

Par 5 | Men's HCP 16 | Ladies's HCP 4

Trees line both sides of the fairway from tee to green so a straight shots are a must on this reachable in 2 par 5. On the left there is a pond that will catch your second shot should you venture out that way. Two bunkers, one left, one right, protect the green but beware they are a few yards in front of the large green and will leave you a longer bunker shot to the putting surface. Sloping from back to front can create for some tough pin placements.

Blue 489 White 471 Red 397 Gold 382

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18th Hole

Par 4 | Men's HCP 4 | Ladies's HCP 8

A challenging picturesque hole where every shot has to be perfect to par or birdie. Trees line all down the right hand side and water lines all down the left side so your tee shot must hit the fairway. Your second shot is a mid to long iron or a wood, into a very well protected green. Many choose to lay up if the prevailing winds are a factor. Between the water on the right and the sand on the left there is a very tiny approach into this undulating green.

Blue 417 White 393 Red 360 Gold 320

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