Member Benefits

Becoming a member of Transcona Golf Club offers many benefits, but perhaps the most valuable is becoming part of a community, where friendships can be made, and many great experiences can be gained.

All members enjoy discounts in the clubhouse.
You are also able to book 14 days in advance, ensuring you get the tee time you need.

In addition, members have the option to Golf Canada Handicapping, club storage, club washing, lockers, and invitations to many member events that are held at the course throughout the year.

There is never a better time than now to become the newest member of our community. Contact us to learn more about the variety of different memberships that we offer, and help us find the one that is right for you!

Full Memberships

Full Memberships or Unrestricted Memberships are the solution for the ultimate golfer. Those that want to get out virtually anytime of the week. They have no restrictions on what time of the day they can book and they can golf as much as they want.

Adult and Adult Couples

Our Adult and Adult Couples Membership are for members age 40 and above. Included in this membership is a $300 Food and Beverage credit or a $400 credit to be used between couples. This credit can be used in the clubhouse or on the course. The couples package is a great option for golfing couples who love to enjoy the game together!


We have 3 levels of Intermediate Memberships depending on your age. All levels have no restrictions in the amount they can play and when they can play.

  • Intermediate 1 is for ages 19 – 29.
  • Intermediate 2 is for ages 30 – 34.
  • Intermediate 3 is for ages 35 – 39.

Restricted Memberships

Our Restricted Memberships offer unlimited golf at restricted times. A great 14 day booking advantage allows you to get the best tee time allowed under your restrictions.

Restricted and Restricted Couples

Our Restricted and Restricted Couples Memberships are for members who do not golf before 11 am. A single Restricted Membership includes a $300 food and beverage credit which can be used in the clubhouse or on the course. The couples Restricted Membership includes a $450 food and beverage credit shared between the both of you. 

Restricted and Restricted Couples (Mon - Fri)

The Monday – Friday Restricted Membership is another unique membership package we offer to cater for the golfer or couple who would only golf Monday – Friday before 4 p.m. With this package you cannot golf weekends or holidays. We find this solution perfect for retired members or teachers who usually get out to the cabin on the weekends, and look for something to do during the week! The single membership includes a $300 food and beverage credit, and the couples membership includes a $450 food and beverage credit that is shared between the couple.

Students and Juniors

TGC values the importance of growing the game of golf with the younger generation. This is why we offer very affordable membership solutions for Full Time Students and Juniors under 18 years of age. There is no food and beverage credit with these membership in order to keep the cost affordable.

Full Time Student

This membership package is for golfers between the ages of 18 and 28 and enrolled full time at a University or Community College for the current year. It boasts an incredibly affordable solution while still retaining the main benefits of a membership at TGC. A Full Time Student will be restricted to golf only between 11 am and 3:30 pm and after 5 pm on weekdays. On weekends and holidays you can play after 1 p.m.

Junior A

For members under 18 years of age, this package is perfect for young people looking for an introduction to the sport of golf, or to hone in their already crafted skills. Our Juniors may golf between 11 am and 3:30 pm and after 5 pm on weekdays. On weekends and holidays they can play after 1 pm. TGC offers throughout the year great programs for our Junior Members, and they have the ability to converse with and pick the brain of our CPGA Head Professional. This solution is great to get the kids occupied and outside during the summer, keeping them happy, healthy, and active!

Junior B

Our Junior B Membership is identical to our Junior A membership but is perfect if you have more than one young person in the family that can take advantage of all that TGC has to offer. Junior B provides $100 off the Junior membership when an immediate family member is already a member. 

Corporate Memberships

Our Corporate Memberships are perfect for companies that want to provide a golfing solution for their employees, whether that means taking clients out on the course to develop rapport and make that big sale, or just providing an opportunity to blow off some steam. There are a couple extra benefits when it comes to the Corporate Membership, so contact us to learn more!

If a Corporate Membership isn’t the solution for you, consider hosting your annual corporate golf tournament with us instead!

Transcona Golf Club gets a lot of traffic from people all over the city. Sponsoring a hole at TGC could be the perfect advertising solution to get the word out about your services.